Ajuda means Assistance in Portuguese

After you move, there will be a myriad of things that are new and challenging to deal with, especially when you don't speak the language or know the customs.  Our staff is here to help you! You get an ongoing support system to manage the day-to-day scenarios that arise in living here in Portugal. 

Annual Subscription Includes

Translations Services

  • Have one of our team translate those Portuguese documents into English and explain them as needed
  • We speak on the phone to people in Portuguese on your behalf- for example, insurance or utilities or delivery people
  • In those occasions that you need someone who can serve as a translator in person, we can provide that. (for an extra fee)

Appointment Scheduling

It can be frustrating trying to get someone to understand what you need- we can help you schedule those appointments- both personal and business 

Emergency Contact

  • Utilize Portugal The Place as your emergency contact. Provide our contact information to your family and loved ones, and rest easy that you have a team available in case circumstances require emergency support, phone calls, translation, and travel coordination

Utility and Technology Support 

  • We help you navigate your bills, understand charges, make changes and call on your behalf as needed
  • We help you with Portuguese apps and adapt to the way of using the apps (example: bank, and health care) 

Referral Network Access

  • We have searched and vetted qualified professionals to help you with taxes, immigration, legal, and other services. We refer you to the people we trust and work with. 

Portuguese Government Websites

  • You will have to navigate the bureaucracy in Portugal and we can help with many things including:
      • Drivers Licenses
      • Parking Tickets
      • Finance
      • And more 

Post office and Deliveries

  • Have your small packages delivered to the Concierge Suite
  • Assistance with scheduling deliveries to your home
  • for mailing and receiving packages

School Registration

  •  Support in navigating the education system for those of you who need it

Pet Assistance

  •  Find a veterinarian
  • Get help translating for those vet visits, how to get prescriptions, etc.
  • And get vetted referrals for pet-sitters as needed

Transportation Assistance 

  • We help you plan a car hire, taxi, or private shuttle
  • We guide you regarding all the transportation options in your area
  • Access to airport transportation and personalized tours with a tour guide (for extra fees and subject to availability)