Finding Your Location
Customized for your personal needs and desires by:
  • Helping you get clear the specific areas that will suit what you want and need to live the life you want
  • Providing private guided location scouting with a customized tour of destinations you select
  • Helping you with accommodations for your trip
  • providing researching and planning; delivering translation services; arranging tours for schools; finding banks, consultants and anything else you need
  • Referring you to vetted English speaking immigration firms, solicitors/attorneys, transportation, and others as requested
  • Ongoingly communicating via WhatsApp and email
Finding Your Rental

Everything you need for your VISA and beyond, including:

  • In person or virtual
  • Searching, filtering and sorting VISA qualified properties that match your specifications in the areas you choose to reside
  • Scheduling, arranging and touring the properties selected by you
  • Coordination of your lease including landlord introduction, legal lease review and translation as needed
  • VISA application review
  • Lease review by an attorney

Finding Your New Home to Purchase

What makes us your exceptional partner:

  • In person or virtual
  • We do not work on commission
  • You have access to ALL the properties available according to your criteria using real estate agency only software
  • We work with all real estate agencies, private parties, developers and builders on your behalf
  • We help you understand the  the important details such as investment, neighborhood and accessibility.
  • Individual property reports and video tours;

  • An entire team assisting you with all of your relocation needs

We provide you with a private experienced property advisor to be your representative and guide you throughout the purchase process.

We assist you before and during the purchase process by:

  • Guiding you through searching, filtering and sorting properties that match your specifications in the areas you choose to reside
  • Scheduling, arranging and touring the properties selected by you
  • Support with legal & technical verification of properties before purchase;

  • Creating and supporting you on renovation & construction budgets & timelines before the purchase when possible

  • Support with licences, documents, mortgages, banks, utilities and more;

  • Ongoing tranlation services and project assistance throughout the renovation or building process

Our Relocation Services

Now you have your place, the next phase with us begins...

After you have secured your home, we assist you by:

  • Picking up and storing your keys until you arrive
  • Setting up your utilities
  • Coordinating and receiving deliveries- furniture, packages, etc.
  • Providing vetted referrals for services- cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, etc.
  • Finding schools, medical care, veterinary services, insurance, etc.

When you arrive in Portugal, we will be there to:

  • Meet you at the airport and take you to your new home
  • Provide a new home arrival pack including a stocked refrigerator and essentials as requested (with client reimbursement for items purchased)
  • Support you in renting or purchasing a car as needed

These services are included in both the rental and purchase services.