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About us | Portugal the Place

Why choose us?

Just like so many people the pandemic hit us hard in 2020.

Lost family members, jobs, and the reality that if we don’t go after our dreams now one day we won’t have the chance again.

My name is Colleen and my husband Clyde, father Bob, and our Newfiedoodle Dutch made the move to Portugal in 2021. Our daughter Fi Rose joined us in Alcobaca this last year. We are travel industry veterans, we’ve explored the world and experienced what it has to offer. Colleen has a project planning background that really helped us navigate the discovery process once we decided to move to Portugal.

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to travel to Portugal to do a scouting trip. Using Google street view and watching videos from a tourist perspective really didn’t give us the information that we needed to narrow down our choices. We’ve been lucky, we have a great realtor and friend in Nazare and he helped guide us to our new home in Alcobaça but it took a lot of communication, trust, and patience for us to get here. As we have grown our business, we have grown our team. We are now a team of over 10 native Portuguese and English speaking individuals working together in this beautiful country to help you find your place.

Now we are here, and we want to help others find what they need.
A lot of factors go into what makes a place your “home” and we understand that each of us has a unique set of criteria when making decisions. Our job is to help you find your place in Portugal, no matter where and what that may entail.
We are here to be your “sneakers on the ground”.

“O que hoje não sabemos,
amanhã saberemos”

Garcia da Orta


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